Anti-Cancer Benefits Of Garlic

The anti-cancer properties of garlic generally include two aspects. The first one is to have a therapeutic effect on existing cancer cells and the second one is to have a preventive effect on the potential occurrence of cancer. According to information provided by current research, scientists believe that the allicin substances contained in garlic will be transformed into allicin in the human body. This chemical can effectively kill cancer cells and suppress the growth of tumor cells. During some clinical treatment for a certain group of cancer patients, the implementation of garlic allicin also received some positive results.

There are many ways to consuming garlic and you may wonder which one can offer the best anticancer effect for people? Based on scientific experiments and analysis, the best eating method is to take it in raw. When chewing garlic in your mouth, it will generate allicin-containing enzyme which can be transformed into allicin later. Allicin is the active element being able to effectively kill the bacteria and mold and thereby blocking the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines. If the garlic is cooked, most of the enzyme will be eliminated. Based on scientific experiments, 10 grams of raw garlic a day (equivalent to 3 or 4 pieces of medium-sized garlic) can play an effective anti-cancer role for an adult.

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