Apple Cider Vinegar For Diabetes

Nowadays you can easily pick up some apple cider vinegar products from your local supermarkets, and they are considered to be able to facilitate the treatment of some diseases like diabetes and obesity. These products can be used for both seasoning purposes or for directly drinking. Although they are widely welcomed all around the world, the medical effects on those diseases are still theoretical and are not fully tests yet.

What is apple cider vinegar? As we know, vinegar is generally obtained by the fermentation of fruits, vegetables or cereal. The main ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid, and it also contains some other elements including amino acids, salts, vitamins, and so on. When the sugar is decomposed by bacteria and yeast, the alcohol will be produced in the first place. We will get vinegar as the generated alcohol continue to ferment. So, another name of vinegar in French is “sour wine”. As one of the vinegar, apple vinegar is obtained from the fermentation of crushed apples.

Apple vinegar has long been regarded as a civil remedies in the world for treatment of a variety of diseases. Ancient people claimed that they have some magic powers to cure disorders such as headache, and help the process of anti-aging and detoxification. However, regarding these curing capabilities, we can find better alternatives for the apple vinegar in all aspects. For instance, as a disinfectant, vinegar can eliminate head lice and keep hair clean. But this property is clearly not as good as an ordinary cleaning shampoo. Vinegar can also alleviate the pain of jellyfish stings, but hot water will have a better result.

However, some properties of them have been recognized widely by people. For example, the curing effects of them for diabetes has been recognized by the scientists. Recent studies showed that drinking two tablespoons of apple vinegar before going to bed can decrease the blood sugar level by 4% percent. Some laboratory studies found that vinegar can kill cancer cells or slow cancer cell growth times in consumed frequently. The vinegar has been used for weight loss has a history of thousands of years. Vinegar can make people feel full quickly and a study showed that people eating a piece of bread with vinegar will be easier to feel full than eating only a piece of bread. So, as a seasoning substance, they can be a good choice. However, you should consider your specific situations before taking it as a daily diet supplement.

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