Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Frequently drinking warm water can bring great benefits for our body. This is because most of the harmful substances like chlorine has disappeared after the water has been boiled. At the same time, the nutrients in water is still there. Compared with the cool water, warm water has a temperature which is close to body temperature. This makes the nutrients be easily absorbed and it does not stimulate the stomach as well.

Warm water is a good option to clean the mouth. It can be considered as a clean and mild protective liquid and it does not irritate the mouth and throat. Warm water can make people feel fresh and comfortable and make it easier to clean oral bacteria and food debris in the mouth. Using warm water to brush teeth can be helpful to protect gums. Medical studies shown that the optimum temperature for maintaining health teeth is around 35 Celsius degrees. Hot or cold temperatures can easily lead to gingival bleeding and shorten the life of teeth.

Drinking a cup of warm water after getting up can make breakfast be well absorbed. A cup of warm water in the morning can effectively clean the stomach, liver and kidney. It can not only relieve the symptoms of constipation, but can reduce the incidence of cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

For drunken people, drinking several cups of warm water can be helpful to dilute alcohol and thus protect the liver. Also, drinking adequate water can make a compensation for the liquid in the body because drunken people usually vomit to lose large amounts of water from the body.

One of the secrets to make healthy stomach is to drink warm water in the morning. It can effectively promote blood circulation and thus lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Please note that you should not add salt to water because salt water will enhance the risk of hypertonic dehydration. Since blood pressure will usually be high in the morning, drinking salt water can exaggerate this effect. For people with constipation, drinking honey water is a good choice.

Image provided By Derek Jensen (Tysto) (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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