Benefits Of Vegetable Juice

Nowadays, more and more people like to make vegetables juice at home. Vegetable juice has the same kind of nutrition as fresh vegetables and regular drinking these juice will keep your body healthy and keep diseases away. However, when making vegetables juice at home, you should pay attention to the following rules. Some vegetables which cannot be eaten uncooked cannot be used as the source of the juice. Some examples of such vegetables include beans and potatoes. Since the juice is fresh-squeezed from raw vegetables, you should pay extra attention to the tools and appliance to avoid any food-borne diseases. The squeezed juice must be consumed immediately to avoid degradation of nutrients and growth of bacteria. Vegetable juice cannot completely replace vegetables, so they can be used as a secondary vegetables source for special people like infants, the elderly, etc.

Cucumber Juice
Cucumber juice has a very good diuretic effect, and it can also help regulate unstable blood pressure. Moreover, it can effectively prevent excessive stress and atherosclerosis, improve the memory and prevent gums form damage and diseases. Cucumber juice also contains many minerals that are needed for hair and nails, and it can prevent the occurrence of hair loss and nail splitting. Cucumber juice containing very little fat and sugar which is a good choice for people suffering from diabetes.

Cabbage Juice
This vegetable juice has a very good prevention of vascular sclerosis, and can inhibit the process of converting carbohydrate into fat and prevents deposition of cholesterol in serum. It can also help enhance the disinfecting functionality of white blood cells in human body and protect them from damages caused by heavy metals.

Celery Juice
The taste of celery juice is very good which can enhance the appetite. Regularly drinking celery-squeezed juice can be helpful for patients with high blood pressure. Celery juice can also be used as a diuretic and laxative for lactating patients.

Carrot-tomato Juice
Due to the presence of carotenoid, you can use carrot juice to replenish the deficiency of vitamin in you body. Also, carrot-tomato juice can help improve and protect the vision system and activate the body’s immune system. It can offer extra benefits for preventing lung cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, the juice can inhibit the formation of melanin and offer some cosmetic benefits for your skin.

Image provided By James (originally posted to Flickr as IMG_4502) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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