Best Herbs For Colon Cleansing

Generally, Cascara Sagrada Bark, burdock root and barberry bark are considered to be the best three herbs which can thoroughly clean the colon. These traditional herbs can effectively increase the secretion of bile and enhance intestinal walls. They can also be used as a laxative and diuretic in some cases. Other colon cleansing herbs also include dandelion and fennel which are able to clean the colon and purify the blood. In addition, flaxseed, ginger and white Ranunculus are considered as good colon cleansing herbs as well. These herbs are usually smashed into powders and added as a special type of supplement for health purposes.

Liver is a filter which is responsible for cleansing the major organs of the body. However, junk food, sweets and processed foods usually contain lots of chemical additives, bacteria and toxic substance which may clog the body and colon. In severe cases, these problems can even lead to lethargy, migraines and insomnia. In addition, too many bad chemicals in the body can also cause menstrual problems as well. According to doctors, these symptom appear to be a sign that colon cleansing is required.

Doctors usually use a variety of colon cleansing herbs which have different functions in the matter. For example, Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract contains Anthraquinone which can enhance colonic contractions. Flax seeds have more viscous than the other cleaning herbs which can easily break down the waste and excrete them out of the body. However, nutritionists also recommend to drink adequate water along with flax seed to avoid constipation.

As a common seasoning herb in the kitchen, ginger is able to promote gastrointestinal functions as well. It can also produce more bile to facilitate the liver’s self-cleaning procedure and cause more sweating from the sweat pores to remove toxins. Moreover, burdock root and barberry bark can add extra digestive fluids to help relieve the symptoms of constipation. They can also help heal the liver failure as well.

Most of the colon cleansing herbs are prepared in a form of liquid, but you can also get some pills from the market as well. Using high dosage of colon cleansing herbs may cause some disorders such as diarrhea, gout and allergy issues which and seriously stimulating the stomach and colon. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to help reduce these side-effects.

Image provided By Tahir mq (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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