Body Acid Alkaline Balance

In recent years, the pH value of the food has been discussed via lots of articles. Some people consider that their body are acidic and need some alkaline food to make a balance. Some people even pick up a large glass of soda water to drink in the morning to maintain the body’s so-called PH balance. In fact, this is not a good choice and it will be extremely harmful to their health.

On each day, we take a variety of food including those acidic food and those alkaline food. The acidity and alkalinity of foods cannot be determined via their taste. Actually they should be judged through the biochemical characteristics of food. In other words, the acidity of the food is determined by the metabolic processes in the body.

Generally, food containing lots of sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen such as meat, eggs, cereal, and grease usually produce acidic substances during the body metabolism. So, they should be categorized as “acidic food”. On the contrary, those food containing potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium like vegetable, fruit, soybean, milk, and tea will bring alkaline substance eventually, and they are considered as alkaline food.

All physiological functions of human body organs and tissues require a constant PH value in biological fluids to start biochemical reactions. For a healthy person, his/her body fluid PH value is usually constant at 7.4 (fluctuating in 7.35-7.45), which is thought to be slightly alkaline. Body fluids must be maintained in this PH level in order to guarantee the normal operation of various physiological activity and metabolism. Moreover, acidic or alkaline body fluid is considered as an abnormal state. PH value above 7.45 is called alkalosis while PH value below 7.35 is known as Diabetic Ketoacidosis. These states only occur in people with metabolic disorders or other serious diseases.

The human body can automatically adjust the acidity of the body fluid at any time and maintaining its PH level at a range of 7.35-7.45. Through the respiratory function, renal excretion and other body functionality, the body’s acidic-alkaline balance can be automatically maintained.

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