Carrots And Cancer

Carrot is a nutrient-rich vegetable in our daily life. In recent years, it is reported that carrots have great anti-cancer effect which can help us to strengthen our health. Recent studies found that people have deficiency in vitamin a have as twice higher possibility to get cancer than normal people. However, if you can take a certain amount of carrots every day, they can bring great benefits for you regarding the prevention of cancer. This is because carrots are rich in beta-carotene which can be transformed into large amounts of vitamin a. So it can effectively prevent the occurrence of lung cancer and can even reserve some cancel cells back to normal cells. Researches also found that carrots contain folic acid which is a member of b vitamin family and it also has strong anti-cancer effect. Also, the lignin contained in carrots can improve the body’s immune system and has the functionality of killing cancer cells.

Japanese scientists also found that the correct amount of beta-carotene in patients with liver cancer can decrease the number of cancer cells in their body. According to the report, the magical effect happens when the beta-carotene of carrots enter the human digestive tract and it can enhance the anti-cancer abilities of the human body. After digestion, the carrots can be converted to vitamin a which is essential to the eyes and skin. The study found that vitamin a is an important nutrition for treatment of gastric cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. Moreover, carotene, vitamin c and lignin also have some anti-cancer functionality. Carrots in Japan is thought to be the king of vegetables. Americans also think it is a star vegetable of health. It is proved by the nutritionists from the United States that the chance of lung cancer has been decreased by 40% for people with regular consumption of carrots.

For cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy, beta carotene can also help reduce the toxic side effects. Radiation can bring lots of oxygen free radicals, and β-carotene can effectively keep the microsomal membrane integrity. Chemotherapy drugs can cause mutation in normal cells while kill cancer cells. β-carotene has antimutagenic ability and can reduce the toxic side effects to a great extent.

Image provided By Kander (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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