Causes Of Grey Hair

Nowadays, people may pay more attention than ever to reverse grey hair for lots of reasons. Having too much grey hair can make you look old. The main reason is because of the reduction of the number of hair follicle stem cells which can turn the hair into white colors. Japanese researchers found that if the melanoma cell which is responsible for providing the color for hair is damaged or killed, the hair will gradually turn into grey. Stress is one of the potential causes for this symptom. So it is necessary to learn to how to cope with stress to fight aging. In addition, the experts also recommended to quit smoking because smokers have a higher possibility of having hair problems than nonsmokers.

In addition to genetic factors, too much grey hair is also associated with diets lacking some type of nutrition and vitamins. For example, the vitamin B12 deficiency is a common cause. If you find your children are suffering from grey hair, it is better to go to hospital to do a blood test to identify specific causes. The examination results can help you to choose the correct type of vitamin supplements to reverse or slow down the hair issue. Also, eating adequate foods rich in these vitamins can be helpful as well.

Taking 300 mg vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) in a day can effectively prevent the occurrence of grey hair and make the hair become more dense. Egg yolk, organic meats, whole grains and carrot juice are good natural sources of vitamin B5. In addition, B5 can be helpful to improve people’s moods. Sometimes it has a better result than some prescription anti-depressant medicine. Moreover, taking 4 milligrams vitamin B6 daily can facilitate the human body to produce more melanin and fix the hair color. Also, vitamin B12 is helpful to reverse the grey hair as well. Some natural sources of such vitamin include fish, meat, eggs, milk and so on. In addition to the vitamins, the bean family also has a positive effect on reversing hair colors.

Another important nutrients for hair color is the biotin (vitamin H). Generally 300 mcg of biotin a day can prevent hair from turning grey. In addition, biotin also has promoting effect for hair growth. Egg yolk, brown rice, whole grains, liver, milk are considered as biotin-rich foods. Experts suggested to take half the daily quota of the vitamin in the morning and evening. Doing this is good for stable vitamin levels in the blood.

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