Celery Health Benefits

Celery is a very common vegetable which can bring a variety of health benefits to you and you family members. Celery contains acidic substances which can lower the blood pressure to a great extent. This effect is generally caused by the regulation of aortic arch by the chemical substances in celery, and the vascular perfusion of blood vessels can be dilated. The dietary fiber contained in celery have antihypertensive and diuretic effects which can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Celery contains a high level of iron content which can be helpful to compensate the women’s menstrual blood loss. Excessive blood loss may cause the pale and dry skin and lusterless complexion. They can also decrease the possibilities of appearance of pale hairs. Consumption of celery can improve the physiological and immunity of the human body and promote the secretion of hormones which is helpful to cure the physiological incongruous menopausal disorder and keep the skin being elastic. Also, Eating more celery can enhance the ability of resisting diseases.

Consumption of celery have the tranquilizing effects to human body. An alkaline ingredient isolated from celery seeds have anticonvulsant effects and can calm the nerves. The effective elements contained in celery can fight against cocaine-induced excitation and have the ability of irritation elimination. Celery can suppress protein glycosylation and be helpful in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Celery contains active ingredients which can eliminate sodium and water retention in the body.

Moreover, the celery have the ability of prevention and treatment of tumor. Celery contains a large amount of dietary fibers. Through the intestinal fat digestion, the lignin, an antioxidant substance, will be produced. High concentrations of such substances can suppress intestinal bacteria to produce carcinogenic substances. It also can reduce the operating time of the feces in the intestine, reducing carcinogens and colonic mucosa contact and thus preventing colon cancer. The celery can clear intestinal fat effectively. The celery is rich in water and fiber which can accelerate the process of fat decomposition. So, the celery can be considered as one of the bet diet foods in the world.

Image provided By Lombroso [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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