diabetes and fruit intake

Many people suffering from diabetes pay much attention to their daily diet, and lower the intake of most fruits. In fact, the main substance contained in fruit is fructose which has a sweetness of 170. Compared with the 50 of glucose and 100 of normal sugar, people often feel that fruits are very sweet. Fructose will not be easily absorbed as glucose so it will not quickly be released into blood to enhance the blood sugar level. In most cases, the disadvantage of fructose contained in fruits are over estimated by diabetes patients. On the contrary, proper consumption of fruit will be helpful to the control of blood glucose.

Many people always ask that what is the best fruit suitable for those diabetes patients. One of the best options will be cherries which have the functionality of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, relieving the symptom of constipation and protect the stomach. Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, which can effectively lower the blood sugar level in the body of diabetic patients. Experiments showed that this chemical substance can improve the amount of insulin by 50%. Anthocyanin is a special type of plant pigment and it also can be used as a type of antioxidant.

The second choice for diabetes patients is the apple. The main functionality of this fruit is fighting against anemia and high blood pressure, aiding digestion and lowering the risk of constipation. There are a large amount of dietary fiber contained in apples which can regulate the level of blood sugar. These fiber can absorb a large amount of water and slow down the body’s absorption of sugar. It can also stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and facilitate the bowel movements.

Every individual diabetes patient should eat corresponding fruits according to his/her symptoms. Some good choices include tomatoes, grapefruit, oranges, Kiwi, etc. It is a good idea to follow the advices of some professional nutritionists or doctors.

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