Do You Have Indigestion?

We often hear people complaining about never feeling hungry in the morning and in three meals a day. It will be easy to feel full during the meal even eating a little amount of food. It seems like that something indigestible stayed in the stomach. In fact, this is the symptom of early satiety. The so-called “early satiety” refer to eating less amount of food than usual and easily having a “full” feeling. Sometimes we even have the feeling of abdominal distention and returned gastric acid which are usually referred as “indigestion”.

Sometimes, healthy person can also have indegistion which are mainly caused due to excessive overeating or smoking. In recent years people will have too much stress because of fatigue or lack of sleep. These kinds of indigestion are usually regarded as temporary and you should not worry about it too much. In addition, thin people will be more likely to have a stomach upset or indigestion symptoms. So, for those kinds of patients, they should pay more attention to the quality of food and eat nutritious and food which can be digested easily.

So, when there is an indigestion, what should you do to lessen the synptom? Here are some points:

1. You should stop eating and start a starvation diet.
The fasting for one or more meal or meals should depend on the situation. During this period, the patient should drink salt water deal with the thirsty. Apart from salty water, you can also drink some sugar and salt water because sugar can be rapidly absorbed by the human body and will not increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract. If complete fasting is not required, you can also eat some digestible appetizers to make your stomach feel relaxed and comfortable.

2. Appropriate use of digestive medicine is a must and should be taken under the guidance of a medical specialist.

3. Minor indigestion can be released by taking some walk after dinner, abdominal massage, sports etc. These activities will quicken the calorie consumption and eliminate indigestion as soon as possible.

4. Mental stress may cause gastrointestinal illnesses. Gastrointestinal symptoms will affect the quality of sleep. So, you should pay more attention to psychological health especially during a meal. A happy meal will cause the secretion of digestive glands and help digestion.

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