Does Coffee Affect Cholesterol Levels

Many people are wondering if drinking coffee will affect their cholesterol levels. Actually, the level of influence on the body cholesterol level mostly depends on the brewing methods of coffee no matter whether they contain caffeine. Based on the experimental tests, coffee filtered with special paper usually has the minimal influence on the cholesterol level. This is because that it can filter away a special chemical called diterpene which will elevate the levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition, caffeine contained in coffee may also result in the increase of the cholesterol level. So, it is a better choice to have a decaffeinated coffee for people suffering from high cholesterol levels.

Traditional ways of brewing coffee without paper filters will leave diterpene in coffee which will result in the elevated levels of cholesterol in the body. But the usage of the paper filter changes the relationship between coffee and cholesterol, because you can get rid of most diterpenoid during the filtering process. Also, soft Arabica coffee beans contain less diterpenoid than other coffee species. Although it is true that caffeine can enhance the body cholesterol level, coffee is not the only factor that affect this level. Consumption of some high-fat food such as butter and cheese or eating high-calorie food with coffee can also raise the low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) level.

Nowadays, most coffee shops still offer espresso drinks (Espresso) containing diterpenoid. If you do care about the diterpene contained in coffee and worry about its influence on cholesterol, you should make coffee using paper filter or similar tools. Many coffee manufacturers offer decaf coffee for their customers which can be considered as a healthier alternative to traditional coffee. However, you should not overlook the benefits of caffeine because it can reduce the negative effects of cholesterol in the body. So coffee with actually do have positive effects on bad cholesterol contents in the human body. In addition, it also can protect the body and brain from the negative effects of high cholesterol levels. On the other hand, caffeine may cause blood pressure to rise and increase the risk of a variety heart diseases. As a result, you should make a balanced selection for the caffeine drinks to get the best healthy benefits.

Image provided By MarkSweep (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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