Eating Fruit Late At Night

Due to the heavy workload in modern society, many people are starting to get used to staying up late. Eating some fruits during these period can bring great benefits for your health if correct type of fruits are chosen. Generally, human adrenocortical hormone and growth hormone will be secreted during sleep at night. So, staying up will definitely do harm to health. So, some fruits containing a great amount of nutrients are suitable for those people.

Apples are extremely rich in pectin which can promote excretion and prevent arteriosclerosis. People who like to stay up late are prone to endocrine disorders and result in constipation, obesity or poor skin. Apples contain a large amounts of vitamin and Malic acid which can facilitate the break down of fat accumulated in the body and can effectively prevent the build-up of body fat. Apples can also be helpful to increase haemoglobin which can enable skin to become delicate.

Carambola contain nutrients essential to human health such as vitamin a, vitamin c and dietary fiber. The acid in this fruit can inhibit melanin deposition can provide a moisturizing effect for dry or oily skin. This a great news for a woman who stay up late.

Oranges have gradually become almost the synonym of vitamin c. Adequate vitamin c can prevent skin being exposed to sunlight and suffering from infringement of computer radiation, inhibiting formation of pigment granules and keeping skin white and moist. For people who are used to staying up late, they are easily to get constipation due to the lack of rest. The cellulose and pectin substances in oranges can help clear bowel purgative and get rid of harmful substances in the body.

Bananas are fruits rich in potassium and magnesium. It is already confirmed that the potassium can maintain normal blood pressure and heart rate to prevent the irregularity of blood pressure and muscle spasms while magnesium can be helpful to eliminate fatigue. In addition, the sugar contained in bananas can be rapidly converted into glucose which can immediately absorbed by the human body as a quick source of energy. So taking some bananas after staying up late can make you feel replenished instantly.

Image provided By Mailamal (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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