Food Should be Avoided on an Empty Stomach

Although most fruits are best food to eat on an empty stomach, you should avoid taking some food when having nothing on your stomach including some fruits and vegetables as the following.

Persimmons and Tomatoes
They contain pectin and tannin which may have chemical reactions with acid and facilitate the formation of insoluble substance in the stomach.

Cold drinks
Consumption of cold drinks in empty stomach will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and will cause enzymatic reactions which is the main reason of various disorders.

Bananas contain a great amount of magnesium. If bananas are taken on an empty stomach, the level of magnesium and calcium in human blood will rise dramatically which will undermine the balance of the minerals in the human body. This will have a negative effect on people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Coffee is a common beverage for people working in offices, and a cup of coffee in the morning can bring you a refreshing feeling before work. However, if you take too much coffee before meal, the caffeine in coffee will bring excitement to your nerve after entering the body. This nerve stimulation and excitement will have negative effects on your appetite. The stimulation will increase the secretion of gastric juices in the stomach and make you uncomfortable. This is definitely a bad idea for patients with gastric ulcers. As a result, coffee should be consumed after the meal and the increased gastric juices can be helpful to your digestion.

It is usually believed that yogurt can keep you healthy and regular drinking can facilitate the absorption of nutrients. However, if you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, it is easy to stimulate the actions of gastrointestinal tract. Taking yogurt after a meal can effectively reduce the stimulation and be slowly absorbed in the stomach.

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