Garlic For Hair Growth

Garlic is a common seasoning herb in our daily diet an one of its distinctive features is its extensive smell. Ancient people usually thought herbs with strong smells have a better effect to deal with a number health disorders such as hair loss. Although there is no direct scientific evidence which can confirm the garlic’s hair growth promoting effects, some nutritional studies have confirmed that the onion juice can effectively facilitate the hair growth. So, as a similar herb which also have a strong smell, garlic is a also considered to have the same effects on this matter.

An article published on the United States Dermatology magazine pointed out that scientists have already determined the efficiency of onion juice for hair growth. In this experiment, 24 patients take onion juice every day and 87% of them have their hair grown in six weeks. Since onions and garlic belong to the same onion family, they are both believed to have ability to facilitate the hair re-growth.

Garlic contain a high concentration of allicin content which is a sulfur compound. It is a powerful antibiotic which can help the body to kill microorganisms and prevent them from regenerating. The strong smell of garlic can also help to expel the harmful insects away. Because of its antibacterial properties, many people use garlic to remove toxins and promotes the blood circulation on the scalp which is an important procedure for hair growth. In case of other symptoms like alopecia areata or thinning hair problems, some smashed garlic can be directly applied on the scalp to stimulate hair growth in an hour before going to bed. You can also use olive oil to massage the scalp as well. Once applied, you can wear a shower CAP or covered with a layer of towels on the pillow to sleep and woke up in the next morning wash your hair thorough using shampoo. The more sulfur content contained in garlic, the greater its effects to promote hair growth. So, it is recommended to buy the freshest and high quality garlic which have the strongest smells.

Image provided By User:Nino Barbieri (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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