Grape Oil vs Olive Oil

Grape oil and olive oil are both health cooking oil and they have been used in kitchen for hundreds of years. Both of them are considered as nutrient-rich oil because they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, less saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. So which one we should choose for our kitchen, the grape seed oil or the olive oil?, let us compare the differences between these two types of oil, and then we can make a decision.

Grape seed oil is a vegetable oil which is made from different kinds of grape seeds. Actually the grape seed is a by-product of the production of grape wine and there are sufficient grape seeds which can be used for oil making. Grape seed oil’s supporters often vote for this environment-friendly oil because the process of production eliminates the waste of by-products of wine-making. On the other hand, olive oil come from the fresh olives. The oil extracted from the olive fruits for the first time is a type of unrefined oil. Usually the olive oil we use is a mixture of refined oil and unrefined oil.

The calories contained in both of them are pretty much the same, and one tablespoon of these oil usually have about 120 calories. They do not contain cholesterol, which is good for the heart. Grape seed oil and olive oil is famous for the fact that they contain antioxidant properties of vitamin e, and grape seed oil contains more vitamin e than olive oil.

The aroma and flavor of grape seed oil and olive oil are distinctly different from other cooking oil. This is a big point to think about when choosing a cooking oil in the kitchen. Grape seed oil has a mild taste and some aroma of grapes. Usually its taste is neutral which make it suitable for cooking tasty food because the taste of the oil can be easily covered by other oils with stronger taste. So, grape seed oil is a good option for those circumstances where neutral oil is required for baking or other cooking methods. On the other hand, olive oil typically has a fruit aroma and slightly with some olive fragrance. The unrefined oil has the strongest taste and the ordinary olive oil is more modest compared with unrefined oil. The taste of the oil also also depends on the quality of olive fruits. Olive oil and Eastern Mediterranean diet can match each other perfectly.

Grape seed oil is applicable for any kinds of cooking method including salad dressings and frying due to its neutral taste. However, the unique taste of olive oil limits its compatibility with other foods, because it will easily cover the taste of other food.

Image provided By Adam Engelhart (Flickr user: tellumo) ( ).Badagnani at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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