Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricots are common fruits all around the world and they are good materials for salads and snacks. The sour taste of these fruits can help to and digest and the dietary fiber contained in their flesh is helpful to maintain our health. Apricots are low heat fruits with very little fat..They also contain a variety nutrients for human health. Three fresh apricots contain roughly 25% of the total daily recommended amount of beta-carotene contents. Β-carotene is a type of antioxidant which can protect cells from damages caused by free radicals. Such damages are believed to be related with the aging process and various diseases like heart disease, cancer and so on.

Fresh apricots contain a high amount of vitamin c which is another antioxidant that can help the body absorb iron. Generally, canned apricots and dried apricots would lose most of the vitamin c. However, you can still get a large amount of iron and potassium from any kinds of apricots. These nutrients are essential for maintaining the functionality of nerve and muscle. They can also help maintain normal blood pressure and the balance of body fluids.

Moreover, apricots also contain some natural salicylic acid and which is similar to aspirin. Therefore, you should avoid eating apricots if you are allergic to aspirin. Usually, dried apricots contain more nutrients than fresh and canned apricots in the same weight because the water contained in dried apricots is much less than the other types. The almond of apricots is a source of calorie and 115 grams of fresh apricots can provide 50 calories for our body. Dried apricots are favorite snacks of lots of people because of the delicious taste.

One of the most arguable benefits provided by apricot almond is amygdalin. It is usually sold as a type of nutritional supplements for other food and snacks. The active nutrient in it is usually referred as vitamin B17 which is believed as an treatment for cancer, heart disease, allergies, liver diseases etc. But the benefits of amygdalin are not proved by the modern scientific researches yet. On the other hand, amygdalin from almonds or other sources can release cyanide which may cause cyanide poisoning if taking too much.

Image provided By Maciarka (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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