Health Benefits Of Fermented Food

What is fermented food
Fermented food is a one of the best delicacy made by human beings because of its unique flavor which can greatly enrich our diet. There are many kinds of fermented foods in the world today. In general they can be divided into three categories: grain fermented foods, beans fermented food and milk fermented food. Some common food in these categories include bread, yogurt, soy sauce, vinegar, lobster sauce, Chinese cheese, etc.

What are the benefits of fermented food
In our daily diet, a large amount of intake of animal and plant food make them difficult to be digested in our body. The fermentation microorganisms can secrete enzymes which can crack cell wall and improve the utilization degree of nutrients. During the fermentation process, the microbes will retain substances like polysaccharide, dietary fiber, biological flavonoids which have great health benefits to the body. Grain fermented products include sweet flour paste, rice vinegar, rice wine, steamed buns and bread. Fermented steamed buns and bread are more nutritious than unfermented foods such as cakes and noodles because of the yeast used for the fermentation. Experiments show that yeast can not only change the structure of the dough, but also let them become more soft and delicious. The fermentation greatly increases the vitamin and mineral content in the bread and enhance the nutritional value to a great extent.

Why is yogurt better than milk
Yogurt not only preserves all the nutrition of milk, but also makes it more suitable for human body regarding the absorption. Yogurts contain protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and are easier to be absorbed and increase the content of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, folic acid, niacin etc.

According to medical experiments, Yogurt contains a lot of lactobacillus which can be used to adjust the intestinal environment and prevent the bacteria from invading and reproducing. It can also prevent the formation of toxins and strengthen the immune system of the human body. Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt in intestinal reproduction and its metabolites can promote the immune globulin antibody production, and thus enhance the body’s immune system and help for the resistance of cancer.

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