Health Benefits Of Green Papaya

Green papaya have better health effects than yellow papayas especially for diet and weight loss. The active elements contained in papayas is the papaya enzymes, and green papaya contains twice of the papaya enzymes than the normal papayas. These papaya enzymes not only can decomposition protein and sugar, they can also decompose fat and this feature can be considered as one of the best health benefits for the human body. Through the decomposition fat the excessive weight can be decreased accordingly, and the metabolism can be promoted as well.

For young women, green papaya also have the ability of breast enhancement. Green papaya has a long history of being considered as the first choice of fruits to enhance breast size for women. Rich amount of papaya enzymes contained in papaya fruits are effective for the mammary gland development. Papaya enzymes can also facilitate the production of breast enhancement hormones and nutrients such as vitamin A. These nutrients can stimulate the secretion of female hormones and ovarian estrogen, and thus achieve the goal of breast enlargement.

The papaya enzymes contained in papayas can not only enhance the size of chest, they can also help to lubricate the skin. The vitamin c in the papaya was as 48 times as much in apples. Papaya enzymes can also help digestion and facilitate the removal of toxins which is helpful to refresh the skin. The papaya enzymes can promote skin metabolism which can dissolve accumulated pores of sebum and improve aging skin, and make your skin appear bright and fresh. Nowadays, many purifying cleansing gel contains ingredients of papaya enzymes to improve the skin health.

Image provided by Forest & Kim Starr [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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