Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruits

As a common fruit we consume every day, kiwi fruits can bring great benefits for our health. Kiwi is considered to have the highest nutritional density among all fruits. Taking two kiwi fruits a day can be a great supplement for calcium loss from the body and enhance the body’s absorption of nutrients. The acidic substances in Kiwi fruits can effectively promote the gastrointestinal forelimb movement and reduce flatulence. Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin c. Studies showed that a kiwi fruit contains 87mg of vitamin c. The black part in the flesh of the fruit is rich in vitamin E which can prevent macular lesions from formation. Kiwi is a low fat and low calorie fruit. It also contains a large amount of folic acid and dietary fibre. The arginine contained in the the kiwifruit can be helpful to cure wounds and are considered to be effective on treatment of impotence.

Eating Kiwi fruits can be a auxiliary method to prevent senile osteoporosis. The reason is that they can inhibit the deposition of cholesterol in the artery wall, and thus preventing the gradual formation of arteriosclerosis. They can effectively improve myocardial function and help us fight with heart diseases. Regarding the cancer treatment, kiwi fruits can inhibit nitrosamine in the intestinal tissue of the mutation. The symptoms of anorexia and cachexia of some cancer patients can be relieved after eating Kiwi fruit regularly. They can also relieve the can also reduce the side effects or toxic reactions of the patients which comes from X-Ray radiation and chemotherapies. Regular consumption of kiwi fruits can prevent the body producing too much peroxide and prevent senile plaque formation.

The kiwi fruits contain a variety of amino acids such as arginine and glutamic acid. These two types of amino acids can act as neurotransmitters in the brain which can promote the secretion of growth hormone. The skin of the kiwi Kiwifruit is rich in pectin which can reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. Also, 80% of the total nutrients can be found in the skin as well. Thus, the skin of the fruit is one of the best options for the consumption. About one-third of the total fibers contained in kiwi fruits is the pectin which can help reduce the blood cholesterol level and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Image provided By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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