How To Buy Dragon Fruits

Known as Green Dragon fruit or Dragon fruit, this tropical fruit has a bright pale red scaly skin which is much similar to the skin of the Dragon. It has white or pink flesh which are tasted slightly sweet and there are numerous tiny black seeds embedded in the flesh as well. The commonly seen dragon fruits in the market are the red-fleshed ones. In order to get the freshest and delicious fruit, you need to get to know some basic knowledge and tips in prior to your purchase.

To pick up the freshest fruit, you need to buy them in the correct season. The harvesting season for these tropical fruits are in autumn and spring. Like most tropical fruits, it is difficult to find a dragon fruit in winter and summer. The first step is to check the skin of the dragon fruit in the market. Do not buy any fruits having bruises, discoloration, or visible mold on their skin. Light red color should be evenly distributed on the surface of the fruit. The smell of a fresh fruit should be a touch of tropical smell instead of a moldy one. You should avoid buying fruits with unusually smells because it could mean that the fruits have some mildew which are invisible.

You can also gently press the fruit with your fingers. Fresh fruits should have a feeling of flexibility. Avoid buying those dragon fruits which are as hard as a stone. You may need a long time to wait them for being mature. Dragon fruits should be stored at room temperature for the longest storage time. Fully ripened fruits should be kept in the refrigerator and you should consume them within five days. Don’t forget to clean the surface of the dragon fruits thoroughly before cutting them into half.

Image provided By Joy (Flickr: Dragon fruit) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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