How To Choose Lychee

Lychee a type of tasty fruit and how to choose them from the market is a common question for many fruit lovers. Generally, good quality lychees should have bright colors and a well-balanced shape. They can also emit fragrance and you should feel the elasticity when slightly pinching them in hand. Regarding to the appearance, fresh fruits will usually show a bright color. Lychees with blackening colors have usually been going bad and you should pay more attention when consume those fruits. So, when picking up lychee fruits from the market, we should take advantage of our sense of sight, touch, smell and feel to determine if those lychees are the ones we want.

The first thing we need to do is to observe the head of the lychee. Usually, lychees with tipped head and rough skin indicates that they are not mature yet. The opposite case generally means a mature one. Fresh lychees usually do not have a colorful appearance and color of their skin is usually dark red with green without any odors.

Also, the feeling of fresh lychees should be hard and elastic. If you can cut them open, the inside membrane should have a white color. If you can observe some dark spots on the membrane, it means that the quality of them is not very good. If you smell these fruits carefully, you can find that fresh lychees usually have a delicate fragrance. The last step should be tasting the flesh of the fruits using your tongue. Fresh lychees are juicy and sweet. These tips can help you to pick up your favorite lychee fruits in the market quickly and conveniently.

Image provided By Peggy Greb, USDA ARS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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