How To Choose Vegetables With Other Foods

The Match Of Vegetables And Other Foods
A great combination of matching vegetables will facilitate the intake of nutrition and provide great benefits for your our health. For example, as a type of alkaline food, vegetables can be chosen together with a variety of meat to maintain the acid and alkali balance in the human body. Also, vegetables are usually low in calories and are rich in cellulose. It can be cooked with food containing fat and calories such as meat and rice. A combination of these foods can reduce the total intake of food and are suitable for weight loss. Moreover, some kinds of vegetables such as cabbage and celery can eliminate the side effects of fried food.

The Nutrition of Vegetables And Other Foods
Carrots contain enzymes which can facilitate the decomposition of two types of vitamins in white radishes and thus they should not be cooked together. Also, some vegetables contain a high level of oxalic acid such as amaranth, spinach and bamboo shoots. They should not be consumed with food containing much calcium, otherwise calcium oxalate will be produced and it cannot be absorbed by human body and result in a waste.

Vegetable Varieties Matching
If you are suffering from some diseases, the selection and matching of various vegetables is essential for the cure. For example, vegetables rich in oxalic acid can interfere with calcium absorption. So patients suffering from TB and children which is in the period of bone growth should avoid the consumption of these vegetables. Also, patients taking phenethyl Phil because of depression should avoid consuming food containing a high level of tyramine such as lentils. It can cause elevated blood pressure or disease such as emphysema. Moreover, garlic contains garlic pigment and can stimulus wall congestive and result in edema and secretion disorders. So patients suffering from diarrhea should not eat too much garlic.

Image provided By Unknown photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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