How To Clean Organic Vegetables

The cultivation of organic crops will be free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, most of them may still have dust, worm eggs and bacteria on its surface. So, they still need to be cleaned thoroughly before consumption. Generally, the cleaning process of organic vegetables and other fresh foods should take the following steps:

1. When cleaning organic products such as vegetables or fruits, it is better to wash them with water for at least three times. Soak cleaning should be avoided because it may result in the loss of nutrients and be contaminated by water. Also, it is necessary to rinse the goods using adequate clean water..

2. If the products will be consumed in raw, you must remove worms on the vegetables and it is recommended to be cleaned again with cold clean water.

3, The vegetables taken from mud such as carrots and celery stalk should be cleaned especially in some hidden places where mud may exist. You can use a soft brush to do the rinsing work for a better result.

4, You can also prepare a basin of cold water and add white vinegar (such as vinegar) 50 ml into the water. This kind of solution can provide a better rinsing result than ordinate water.

Additional Tips
1.Washed or sprayed vegetables as perishable. So, you should to be eat as soon as possible once the vegetables are cleaned.

2. Put remaining vegetables in zip bags and put it into the fridge immediately.

3. If you are going to eat vegetables in raw, you should ensure to consume certified organically grown fruits and vegetables. Certified organic vegetables are free from water pollution and do not use livestock manure as fertilizer and thus can significantly reduce the risk of parasites.

Image provided by Nevit Dilmen [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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