Methods To Lose Weight - Part Three

Protein Weight Loss Method

As one popular Japanese weight-loss method, the earliest stage of protein diet only contains Shan eggs and vegetables. After years of evolution, today’s protein diet meal also add fish, shrimp, noodles etc. In fact, protein meal are very rich in protein and it contains almost the same protein as the common lean meat. To make it more effective, patients can also eat a large amount of vegetables and eat 5 to 6 serve of protein per day.

Popular Menu: The breakfast can eat eggs with peach cereal bag with one cup of water. Lunch can contain burned prawns and eggplant with one cup of hot lemon tea. Dinner is composed of roasted chicken and spicy beans with fermented soy sauce plus one bowl of miscellaneous vegetables and one cup of water.

Note: Please continue this method for more than 7 consecutive days. Otherwise it is less effective. Regarding the cooking methods, patients should choose steamingand boiling and take at least 8 cups of water every day.

Noodle Weight Loss Method

Although the noodles contain a large number of carbohydrates, they can be immediately converted into energy after the consumption and they will be difficult to be accumulated in the body. So, compared with bread and rice, the noodles are more impossible to be converted into fat. So, choose one meal a day to eat only noodles plus a plan with moderate exercise can effectively be helpful to lose weight.

Note: Each 100 grams of noodle has 330 calories, and instant noodles has more than 400 calories for the same amount. So, if more oil seasoning are used during cooking, the calorie will increase.

Pineapple Weight Loss Method

Pineapples contain protein enzymes which can help the decomposition. However, this enzyme can damage the cavity of the oral skin and make the mouth be painful. If this negative effect can be tolerated, you should use the pineapple method for at least one week by taking only pineapple as one of the meals without eating other foods. Then it is easy to reduce weight by 2 to 3 kilograms quickly.

Note: Pineapple contains enzymes that can damage the oral membrane and eating pineapple make result in imbalance of nutrition. So you must consider it carefully before taking this method.

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