Natural Antibiotics From Herbs

Natural antibiotics refer to those natural substances having antibacterial properties. Most of them are coming form herb products including plant extracts and natural minerals. Many doctors prefer natural antibiotics to the usage of artificial ones in practical treatment because these natural therapies can effectively avoid bacterial antibiotic resistance caused by conventional chemical antibiotics.

The most well-known natural antibiotic herbs and substances include garlic, vitamin c and colloidal silver. Garlic has been used as a type of natural antibiotic herb for hundreds of years. In the first world war, garlic had been widely used for the treatment of open wounds for soldiers since it has great properties to prevent infection. Many people also use it to cure minor ear and throat infection as well. Garlic has some properties similar to penicillin, and they can even kill some drug-resistant bacteria. Apart from garlic, a high dose of vitamin c can also be used as a typical natural antibiotic in treating a number of infections including HIV/AIDS. Moreover, they are also used in the treatment of polio, tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria.

Citricidal is a natural antibiotic which is derived from the grapefruit seed extract in 1976. Researchers found that it can not only inhibit bacterial growth, it is also effective on some certain of fungi and viruses. Citricidal is sometimes used as a type of additive to clean drinking water. Another usage for this substance is for babies’ diaper rash.

Image provided By Dubravko Sorić SoraZG on Flickr [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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