Olive Oil And Cholesterol Levels

One of the main components of the blood fat is cholesterol, and the level of cholesterol is an important health factor for the human body. Regular consumption of olive oil can help you effectively lower the level of cholesterol levels and stay away from cardio-cerebral vascular diseases. Their effects has been studied by thousands of medical scientists and nutritionists for a long time. More and more scientific truths have been disclosed for the properties of olive oil for the health of the human beings.

Generally, cholesterol in the human body comes from two sources: one is from the daily food intake and another one is the synthesis frome human body itself. Some foods we normally eat such as animal liver, egg yolks, animal fat, animal kidneys and ovaries are high cholesterol content foods. Since the human body can produce cholesterol by itself, the cholesterol level in the body can be easily raised into a high level. The combination of cholesterol and lipoprotein will enter the bloodstream which will have a big impact on the circulatory system. The low density lipoprotein will combine most of the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and then transport them into blood vessels. Excessive lipids accumulated in blood vessels will ease the formation of atherosclerosis and vascular obstruction. Contrary to the low density lipoprotein, the high density lipoprotein can clear the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol on the vascular wall and be able to repair damaged blood vessels, thus plays a role of lower the level of blood fat.

In the middle of last century, the low percentage of heart and brain vascular diseases in Eastern Mediterranean coastal residents draw adequate interests form medical scientists and nutritionists. Through a varieties of studies, these researchers put their researching focus on the daily diet of those residents. Olives is one of the main corps in Mediterranean areas and many local residents not only often consume olive directly, they also use olive oil as their daily cooking and dressing oil for their meals. Regular consumption of olive oil in Eastern Mediterranean residents enable them to keep low risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Studies shown that this is because of the composition of fatty acids in cooking oil. Olive oil is rich in various monounsaturated fatty acids which have the ability of increasing the high density cholesterol and lowering the low density cholesterol in the body. Compared with olive oil, peanut oil and soybean oil are rich in w-6 fatty acids which will enhance the level of blood fats instead of reducing the level.

Image provided by VĂ©ronique PAGNIER

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