Orange Juice For Heart

Orange juice is rich in vitamin c and can improve the immunity of the human body. Moreover, a recent study found that drinking two glasses of orange juice a day can effectively lower the blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

This result is based on tests on some middle-aged male testers who drink at least half a litre of orange juice a day (about two cups) daily within a month. It shows that their blood pressure levels drop significantly during this period. It is estimated that the hesperidin in orange juice plays an important role in this result. Apart from citrus fruits, hesperidin is also rich in tea, fruits, beans and cacao. It is a disease-resistant mixture compounds which can bring great health benefits for people.

When the heart is beating, high blood pressure will increase the vascular pressure which will affect the health of some patients. It is also a key factor for sudden cardiac arrest. According to the reports released by the World Health Organization, about 50% of the total case of heart diseases are result from the high blood pressure. It is also pointed that the ideal systolic blood pressure is 140 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) and diastolic blood pressure is 90mmHg.

In order to test the functionality of heart protection by hesperidin, scientists pick up 24 participants who are suffered from overweight. They have no other healthy issues which is essential for the accuracy of this test. It is found that the median value of their diastolic blood pressure decline for 3.2-5.5 mmHg after the intake of a hesperidin capsule per day. It is estimated that 20% of coronary artery diseases can be reduced when the diastolic blood pressure is reduced by 3-4 mmHg. It is also note that for patients taking antihypertensive drugs, they should seek medical advices from doctors before taking orange juice, grapefruit juice or Apple juice as an auxiliary treatment method.

Image provided By USDA photo by Scott Bauer. Image Number K7237-8. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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