Organic Vegetables

Known as eco vegetables, organic vegetables refer to vegetables which are produced without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and growth regulators. Also, they only follow the laws of nature and ecology and are absolutely free from genetic engineering techniques and related products. Moreover, a series of sustainable agricultural technologies and agro-ecological systems as well as organic certification bodies certification are get involved in the production of organic vegetables.

The reason why organic vegetable price is high is mainly because of the efforts spent on the production. First of all, the cost of growing organic vegetables is higher than that of ordinary vegetables. The cost of labor force is one of the factors. Since organic vegetables cannot use use pesticides and insecticides, we can only rely on maintenance by personnel which will enhance the cost. On the other hand, organic fertilizers are much more expensive than ordinary fertilizers. Also, organic fertilizers do not contain hormones which can result in high yield, the production of organic vegetable will be not as high as normal fertilizers and they need a longer growth cycle as well. In addition, organic vegetables require professional testing and certification which requires extra cost and enhance the final cost of the vegetable.

Since organic vegetables are expensive, what is the goodness of them? Firstly, the overall production of organic vegetables from seeding, planting, maturity, harvesting are in strict accordance with the standards by international certification, which can guarantee the safeness of the product. Secondly, the taste of organic vegetables is great. Because there is no use of chemical fertilizers and the production needs a longer growth cycle, the vegetables can receive more light and can be nourished by healthy soil and manure containing a lot of minerals better. The taste of organic vegetables will not be affected by pesticides and it will taste sweet and fruity than others. So, the good taste of organic vegetables is from the natural environment.

Image provided By Elina Mark (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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