Prevention Of Cancer When Eating Barbecue

Cancer is a terrible disease and stomach cancer is a typical tumor in the digestive system. Although the factors that cause gastric cancer are many and they vary each other, we can’t ignore the daily diet’s habits especially when eating barbecue. How does barbecue cause stomach cancer? Heterocyclic amine is a carcinogenic compound. It is generally believed that high temperature heating is necessary for the production of this substance. In particular, when the temperature rises from 200 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius, the products of heterocyclic amine can be increased by five times. In addition, the formation of heterocyclic amine need very less water. So, if the water is sufficient, the heterocyclic amine will not produce too much. Grilling is a dry form of cooking with little water. Also, in contrast to other foods, meat can produce more HA than vegetables than in the process of grilling.

This substance is highly carcinogenic. During barbecue, meat is cooked in a high temperature environment and fat is broken down and drop on the coals. Then the coking of thermal polymerization and protein in the meat will produce benzopyrene. Also, the amount of benzene and pyrene on the grill is very high. In addition, the amount of benzene and pyrene produced when the food is burnt is significantly larger than when it is not burnt. ​

So, how can we prevent the barbecue from causing cancer? Here are some tips we can use:
1) If you can eat more vegetables or you can eat lean meat or chicken, then you will never eat fat. Such foods can produce less carcinogens and are relatively safe to eat.
2) Try not to use the sauce. If used, dilute the sauce with water. We can consider using condiments like garlic and paste instead of sauces.
3) Do not eat burnt things.
4) Try not to drink alcohol during the barbecue. Too much alcohol can lead to higher levels of lead in blood. Combined with carcinogens, it can easily induce tumors in the digestive tract. In addition, as a kind of organic solvent, alcohol can make a dilated vessels in the digestive tract and dissolve mucus proteins on the surface of the digestive tract. Then it will cause carcinogens to be more easily absorbed by the body. So, when you eat a barbecue, you should try to drink water instead of wine or beer.

© Benoît Prieur / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

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