Red Onion vs Yellow Onion

Onions contain a variety of nutrients which can bring great benefits for human health. Onions have a spicy taste because they contain organic sulfur compounds which has a strong sterilization effect. So, onions is a great vegetable which is suitable for consumption in cold winter against flu viruses. In addition, onions can bring other health benefits such as lowering of blood pressure and blood sugar, and prevention of cancer.

How to pick up fresh onions from the market also needs some experience. Generally, Onions with skin are better than those peeled ones because the skin is capable of provide protection for onions to preserve moisture. the texture is crisp and tender. So, it is recommended that to avoid buying peeled onions to save time. Also, the good quality onions are the ones having tight skin wrapping outside the onion body.

For onions with different colors, their nutritional values are also different. Onions with yellow and white skin contain a high amount of carotene and vitamin C. Thus they have a good anti-fatigue property which can make your refresh very quickly. On the other hand, purple onions contains protein, dietary fiber, and some micro mineral nutrients such as calcium, potassium and sodium. In addition, the anthocyanins contained in purple onions is a powerful antioxidant which can protect the body from damages caused by free radicals. They can be helpful to inhibit inflammation and allergy, and has some anti-aging effects.

The best way to eat onions should be taking them in raw such as putting them into salads. If it is required to be fried or cooked, the time should be short in order to avoid loss of the active volatile ingredients. Since onions may cause some skin issues, people suffering from itchy skin disorders, eye diseases or inflammation on stomach or lungs should avoid eating too much onions.

Image provided By Sebastian Wallroth (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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