Several Facts About Constipation

We usually eat a lot of things during the day. Part of our daily intake of food can provide us with nutrition and part of it will inevitably be converted into food scraps. Under the action of gut bacteria in our intestine, they eventually become waste and will be expelled out of our body. If they stay for too long in our body, they will produce toxic substances and poisonous gases such as ammonia, methane, indole amine, nitrosamines, etc. If these toxins can not be removed as soon as possible, they will gradually be absorbed by the body and into the blood. With the circulation of blood throughout the body, it will make tiny damages to the organ tissue can cause some symptoms like dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, concentration, loss of memory, bad breath, loss of appetite, itchy skin, dim complexion, acne, etc.

Constipation can lead to anal fissure and hemorrhoids. Chronic constipation also causes colon and rectal cancer. The longer the kids suffer from pediatric constipation, the more toxin can be absorbed and cause nerve function disorder affect intelligence development. Constipation is also one of the main causes of alzheimer’s disease. Some people like to take some kinds of cathartic to release the symptoms of constipation. Some people suffering from anal disease also like taking laxatives in order to reduce pain. However, although laxatives can temporarily be helpful, a long-term use of these medicine can cause colon nerve cell damage, reduce intestinal dynamics and form drug dependence. There is a medical term called “laxative constipation”. It is a chronic and persistent constipation which means that it is caused by taking a certain amount of laxatives for a long time. Moreover, many ladies like to take weight loss products to keep the body shape. However, most of those products contain purging medicine such as rhubarb stimulant laxatives. These stimulant laxatives are the main reasons of a laxative constipation.

Many people think that eating more fruits and vegetables can prevent constipation. However, many elderly people who are suffering from constipation usually eat lots of vegetables and fruits. However, the symptoms of constipation don’t improve significantly. This is because that the reasons for constipation of the elderly are complicated and varied. Most of the elderly constipation is the result of many factors such as slow intestinal functionalities, rectum and pelvic diseases, poor mental and physical status, drugs and dehydration.

By David Eickhoff from Pearl City, Hawaii, USA (Pandanus tectorius Uploaded by Tim1357) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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