Side Effects Of Bananas

Known as the “fruit of wisdom”, banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world. However, eating bananas may have some side effects when consuming them with some specific food. Bananas is a common tropical fruit which is cheap, sweet and delicious. The starch-like flesh contained in bananas are very helpful to moisten the intestine and improve bowel movement. You should avoid eating bananas with some kinds of food which may weaken your health.

1. Taro, sweet potato, sweet potato should not be consumed with bananas because a combination of them may easily stomach pain and abdominal swelling.

2. Bananas and yogurt are not interfere with each other in the sense of nutrition. On the contrary, the nutrients in them can complement with each other which will bring great benefits for human body. Most yogurts do not contain dietary fiber and vitamin c while bananas do not contain vitamin A, D and protein and the content of vitamin B2 is extremely low as well. However, these nutrients are very rich in milk products. However, for some people who suffered from diarrhea of spleen disorders, the refrigerated yogurt coupled with the “laxation” food bananas which can assist the promotion of intestinal peristalsis may easily cause abdominal pain and diarrhea problems.

3. Bananas should not be taken with potatoes because it may cause some facial spots. A combination of them may result in some chemical reactions which will produce toxins and causing brown spots on the face. However, if the period of consumption of them can be separated to more than 15 minutes, the risks of growing spots can be lowered.

4. Bananas should not be taken with melons. This is because that in melon the sugar content can be as high as about 15% and it is also rich in potassium. Banana is also rich in potassium, and the content of potassium can reach 283~472mg per 100g. Therefore, patients with kidney failure should not be take food containing high amounts of potassium such as bananas and melons to avoid a worse outcome.

5. Bananas should not be eaten when the stomach is empty. Bananas have lots of magnesium which is a type of sensitive element that will affect the functionality of heart, and it will produce an inhibitory effect on cardiovascular systems. When the stomach is empty, eating bananas will result in a sharp rise of magnesium content in the body which will disrupt the balance of magnesium and calcium in the blood, resulting in an inhibitory effect on cardiovascular system.

6. Raw bananas will aggravate the symptoms of constipation. Raw bananas contain a high amount of tannic acid which has a convergence effect on digestive tract, inhibits gastrointestinal fluid secretion and inhibits gastrointestinal motility as well.

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