Side Effects Of Forskolin

Most of the side effects of forskolin are relatively mild, and the main symptoms include irritability, cough, tremor and so on. This medicine can also cause gastrointestinal disorders or blood circulation disorders on some patients. Generally, diabetic patients and pregnant women should use this treatment under the supervision of a doctor due to the fact that it may cause abnormal blood sugar levels or increase the risk of potential complications such as excessive bleeding. If you are concerned about any adverse reactions after taking this herbal medicine, you should consult with a doctor or other professional immediately.

This herb is usually used for the treatment of insomnia. However, occasionally it may have the opposite effect and cause restlessness. Using the form of inhalants of this herb may also cause some symptoms like cough or sore throat. In addition, hyper acidity is another obvious side effect which can cause nausea or weight loss. People who are suffering from gastric ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases should avoid using this herb without medical supervision. People with digestive problems for a long time should not take this herb in case of further damage on the gastric mucosa.

It is generally recommended by doctors that people with diabetics should avoid taking any product made from this herb including those throat hormone supplements. This is because it may potentially increase the lipid levels and blood sugar levels. Pregnant women should also stop using this herb due to bleeding problems and potential harm to children. Since there is no reliable information which can confirm that the harmful substances will not transmitted through the breast milk to their children, the usage of this herb should be avoided at this period.

Cardiovascular problems is another side effect which will affect the health of many people. Since it may change blood pressure in a natural way, it is not suitable for patients with too high or too low blood pressure. Using this herb may also lead to bleeding disorders or hemorrhagic trauma as well. Heart diseases are the most serious potential side effects to take this herbal medicine.

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