Side Effects Of Spinach

Spinach is a very tasteful and nutritious vegetable which can be seen in many kitchens every day. However, spinach has some side effects when consuming with some certain foods. In order to take full advantage of its nutrition, some cares care must be taken. The first rule is that it is inappropriate to consume the spinach with the cucumber together. This is because that fresh cucumbers contain a large amount of enzymes which are able to decompose vitamin c. They will destroy all vitamin c in spinach completely. Also, the cooking time should not be too long, because vitamin c will be decomposed easily in high heat.

Moreover, spinach contains lots of oxalic acids which cannot bring benefits to the human body. On the contrary, Too much intaken of oxalic acids will affects the body’s absorption of calcium, and will result in some insoluble calcium oxalate precipitation in the human body. So, before cooking spinach, they should be rinsed in boiling water for a while to get rid of most of the oxalic acids. Spinach should not be cooked with tofu together as the oxalic acids will be likely in combination with calcium in the human body to form oxalate kidney stones or bladder stones. You can lower the risk of the formation of stones if some calcium-rich food can be appropriately added into the diet. Some good examples of such food include sardines, milk, carrots, oranges and so son.

Also, the inorganic iron elements contained in spinach, is an essential building block for the hemoglobin and Myoglobin. For better absorption of these inorganic iron elements, spinach should be taken with some high protein foods together. In addition, Spinach have the functionality of clearing blood stasis in the morning. However, consumption in the evening may increase the possibility of calcium deposition in the body. Spinach can bring great health benefits for the body, but people with stomach-related disorders or diarrhea should avoid eating too much spinach.

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