Spinach And Weight Loss

Many people are suffering from overweight and consumption of some vegetables and fruits will be very helpful for the weight loss. Spinach can provide us a strong sense of satiety which will suppress our appetite successfully. So, consumption of some vegetables before each meal can can effectively reduce the consumption of food and thus lower the intake of calories. Also, eating spinach is less prone to feel hungry.

Among all nutritious vegetables, spinach is one of the most efficient ones. The nutritional value of spinach and meat are comparable. Based on the scientific tests, 250 grams of spinach contains 10.2 g of protein, 11.6 mg of iron, 438.6 mg of calcium, 32.3 mg of vitamin c, 7.9g of fiber and zero fat. It is one of the the highest nutritional vegetable in the world. Spinach are rich in dietary fiber which can be effective in promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, and expelling the toxins accumulated in the stomach out of the body quickly. So, they are very helpful to resolve the constipation.

Here is a simple spinach recipe which can help you to lose weight in a couple of days. After the wake up in the morning you can drink a glass of juice and eat a small bowl of boiled spinach, boiled eggs and a small piece of wholemeal bread. Regarding the lunch choice, it still includes a glass of water, a serve of spinach salad, a bit of chicken breast and a small bowl of rice. It is important to eat less food for dinner, and this can be done by drinking a bowl of spinach soup which can provide satiety to your appetite. It is expected that the weight can be reduced very soon. Of course, we can also consume fruits and soy milk as a part of the daily snacks and drinks. If you can keep this healthy diet recipe, you do not need to worry about the weight issues anymore.

Image provided By Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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