Super Foods Preventing Hair Loss

Do you always drop hair on the comb and floor every time you do a bathing? According to the survey, more than 3 million women are suffering from the hair loss each year and it has been one of the most common problems especially for ladies. The causes of hair loss are very diverse, such as stress, heredity, malnutrition, hormonal changes, diabetes mellitus, or autoimmune diseases, etc. Fortunately, studies have shown that as long as you make changes in your diet, the hair loss can be effectively prevented. Health media “Prevention” also put forward the following foods which can help you regain your hair back.

Hair and nails are made of protein fiber. If you want to have strong hair and nails, you need to eat enough protein in your daily diet. One of the key ingredients in hair, keratin, also requires adequate protein to be generated. Protein from fish, such as salmon, is considered to be a good choice. Studies shown that adequate omega-3 fatty acids from fish and vitamins can contribute to women’s hair health.

Nut seeds
A cosmetic dermatology study shows that continuous use of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidant supplements can help improve most of the hair loss symptoms. Also, 86% of the participants have a better hair growth than before. Foods rich in these fatty acids include walnuts, flaxseed, grape seed oil, sunflower seeds, sesame etc.

According to the Korean Journal of Medical Sciences, women with hair loss have significantly lower levels of iron and vitamin D2 in their body than their peers. Spinach is rich in iron and vitamin C which can help iron absorption. Also, eating spinach with eggs, letinous edodes and other foods may be able to help the hair growth as well.

Zinc is involved in the formation of protein and is one of the key nutrients that affect hair growth. Many studies points out that people with symptoms of hair loss have lower levels of zinc in the body. Fortunately, zinc can be obtained from many foods. According to the National Institutes of health food, oyster contains the highest zinc content than other sources. Other sources rich in zinc include walnut, spinach, egg, oats, sunflower seeds, green beans and chickpeas.

Kelp contains a variety of nutrients needed for healthy hair. Vitamin A and vitamin C are good natural hair conditioner. Vitamin B and vitamin E can help maintain hair health. Calcium can help produce hair. A recent study found that after 16 weeks of nutritional supplements containing Cistanche deserticola and kelp, 27% of the hair loss was increased and the hair thickness was enhanced by an additional 2%. It is also help to get rid of the scalp irritation and dandruff problems.

Image Provided by Foto: Schwäbin (Wikimedia) / , via Wikimedia Commons

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