The Oleocanthal in Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered to be one of the healthy oil choices. The Japanese brain physician, medical doctor Yamashima Tetsumori has pointed out that olive oil has the antioxidant effect which can lower blood cholesterol and improve the transmission function of nerve cells. Some studies have pointed out that olive oil can greatly improve vascular functionality and has the gastroesophageal reflux effect. Moreover, for many years’ continuously study on the curing effect of oil to cancer, researchers found that a special ingredients contained in oil can cause the cancer cells’ apoptosis in very short period.

Active apoptosis of cells is one of the natural processes of animal development. As human embryos develop, the web between fingers and toes will gradually form the final shape of human limbs because of the disappearance of apoptosis. Generally speaking, the process of cell apoptosis will take about 16 to 24 hours. But a study published in the Journal of molecular and Cellular Oncology (Molecular and Cellular Oncology) pointed out that when exposed to the polyphenols oleocanthal in olive oil, the cancer cells would apoptosis within 30 to 60 minutes. This study was conducted by the Institute of environmental and biological sciences at Rutgers University and City University of New York, Hunter Institute of Technology. Although they have previously understood that the substance in olive oil has the effect of killing cancer cells, no such rapid apoptosis has been observed before. In a further study, the researchers found that cancer cells were killed by their own enzymes. This is not limited to a single kind of cancer cell. All types of cancer cells have such attributes.

Another amazing thing about oleocanthal is that it doesn’t hurt healthy cells. On the contrary, Paul Breslin, a team member, points out that oleocanthal will cause healthy cells to become dormant – the cell life cycle is suspended and restarted after about 24 hours, and no negative effects are observed. In addition, oleocanthal also has anti-inflammatory, prostaglandin and analgesic effects. A study published in the “Scholars Research Library” shows that ingesting 5 teaspoon of olive oil for more than three times a day has a better effect than 400 milligrams of painkillers.

Image provided By Olivenöl_Weißbrot_und_grobes_Salz.JPG: 4028mdk09 derivative work: Andrzej 22 (Olivenöl_Weißbrot_und_grobes_Salz.JPG) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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