The Simplest Activity To Prevent Cancer

The simplest activity to prevent cancer is chewing. According to scientific statistics, about 40% of the cancer are related with food intake. This is because there are some carcinogenic substances containing in food including nitrous acid compounds, chemical agent, preservative, etc. When ingested, these substances stimulate cell mutations which may lead to cancer. By blocking these bad substances, the saliva plays an important role and is thought to be the first level of entry to prevent them into the body.

Human saliva contains 13 kinds of digestive enzymes, 11 minerals, 9 vitamins, various organic acids and hormones. Among them, peroxidase, catalase and vitamin C has the strongest detoxification properties. They not only have antioxidant effect, also can eliminate oxygen-free radicals in the body and break down the carcinogens into the mouth. This can effectively reduce the incidence of cancer. In addition, Scientific experiments also show that when the nitrite compounds, strong carcinogenic substances such as aflatoxin, was added into saliva, the cell’s property will be lost completely within 30 seconds. So, the eating process should not be too fast and “eat slowly” will help you fight cancer. Under the constant stimulation of food, let them be fully mixed with saliva. This can make the enzyme in saliva be degraded fully so that its anticancer effect can be released.

So, how often should you chew when eating dinner? The scientific experimental results show that fine chewing for 30 seconds can lower the toxicity of carcinogens. If every chew takes one second, it should takes 30 seconds to chew and swallow. This can take advantage of the anticancer effect of saliva. In the meantime, you should often eat some raw food such as prune, olive, green fruit etc.

By Jebulon (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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