Vegitables Helping Diabetes Patients Lower Blood Sugar Level

Many diabetes patients are worrying about their high blood sugar level every day. So, some good diabetes diet has always been a concern in patients with diabetes. The nutrition experts work out a summary regarding some common kinds of vegetables which can help reduce the blood sugar to a great extent and this list will be much helpful for diabetes patients.

Lettuce contain a low content of fat and sugar, and has some insulin activator which can help produce the insulin from the body.

Bamboo Shoots
bamboo shoots contain a high amount of cellulose content and can delay food digestion and facilitate the absorption of glucose in the intestine. They can also help control the blood sugar after meals.

The sugar content in crisp cucumbers is 1.6% and they can provide diabetes patients with vitamin c, beta carotene, fiber and minerals. Cucumber propanol acid has the ability to inhibit the process of from sugar into fat. Cucumbers are ideal vegetables for the obese diabetes patients or patients with a high level of blood fat.

Bitter Melon
Bitter melons have a bitter taste and contains a high volume of vitamin c. They contain Saponin which is known as “plant insulin” and has significant hypoglycemic effect to lower the blood sugar level.

White Fungus
White fungus is rich in dietary fibre and Tremella polysaccharide which is helpful to slow down the process of blood sugar rises.

Onions contain a high level of prostaglandins and sulfur amino acids in blood vessels which can lower the blood pressure and reduce blood lipids. They are good for the prevention of complications of diabetes.

Image provided by Flickr user: Simon Law.Badagnani at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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